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Things I have written that someone actually published…

Found: Music Uncovered New Issue is Out!

Hide your kids, hide your wife, IT’S FESTVAL SEASON!!

Dance, Dance, Dance…

Here is the latest from The Music Initiative & Found Magazine.  You can see my Vinyl Roots article on pg. 12.


Hey, hey! What’s this I see? I thought this was a party. LET’S DANCE!”

-Ren McCormack


Time’s Closet

Strap on your cone-shaped bras and come rummage through Time’s closet in my latest article for The Music Initiative. Page 18-19

Bluesy Blue Blues

Feeling blue?  Come wallow in your bluesy sorrows with us!

Film, Television, and All That Jazz

The not-so-boring history of music in film from the silent era to the mega soundracks of today.

The Double Wide Bar

photo by David Wilson

Come read about The Double Wide Bar and True Widow’s CD release party!

WTF (Where’s The Funk?)

Come take a journey with me as we set out to find the Funk!

The First Family of Country Music

Come with me and learn all about the roots of Country Music and the First Family of Country Music in my Vinyl Roots column at The Music Initiative!  Git to page 10 to be edumacated!  Go on now, Git!

Exciting News!

I just wanted to drop you all a little note because I have some exciting news to share.  A dear friend of mine has launched a brand new online music magazine.  Come check out the inaugural edition at !  For those of you that actually do visit the site, check out my column under the Vinyl Roots section on page 10!

Updates on M & Lil B to come soon.  Enjoy!

5 Reasons Why the Rangers Will Beat the Yankees.

Swing on over to to read my latest article!