The What, The Why

Much like myself, this blog was birthed at the family dinner table.  I had become so frustrated one evening that I just had to start typing as I could no longer handle trying to get my toddler daughter to eat.   I was at the end of my rope…It was either pound out my frustrations on a keyboard or pound on my daughter… Needless to say, here we are years later with another child and double the antics for me to rant and write about.  As you read…IF you read …beyond this point, please take my words as tongue-in-cheek as I adore my babies more than life itself.  While I may joke about my kiddos many different ways here in the cyber world, the reality beyond these pages and words is much different, and thus reserved for the private enoyment of my family and Myself…and our 4 CPS case workers…

My family is my muse and I hope that you enjoy a glimpse into our lives. Stay around as long as you can stand us…



“Random thought provoking quote” ~Random famous person

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